Ludof Nig Ltd is fully committed to closing the skill gap between expatriates and Nigerian workers. Thus LUDOF purses and implements a realistic Nigerianization of its human resource development. The ultimate objective is to attain a substantive Nigerianization, retain some small percentage of expatriate mix in view of our planned international exposure. The company has therefore adopted the bottom up approach to the implementation of the Nigerianization Scheme.

Consequently, young science and engineering graduates are continually recruited and trained, while young experience Oil and Gas management professionals have also been employed by our company. This is a deliberate policy predicated upon the need to enable the relatively young minds imbibe the optimum work ethic, discipline and professionalism that is the hallmark of our business. To this end, the LUDOF Project has instituted a significant process of staff training and development for different cadres of technical staff, to enable them acquire the requisite cadres of technical staff, to enable them acquire the requisite skills and competence necessary for the management, supervisory and operational positions throughout the company.

These initiatives have improved the use of Nigerian materials and services in all company business. Ludof conducts Nigeria Content surveys across the country with the aim of identifying companies and organizations that are capable of providing requisite to our operations.


All activities identified as unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally unfriendly will not be started or will be suspended until acceptable solutions are found;

The management CASHES issues will be an integral part of LUDOF business. Line managers will be held equally accountable for CASHES target as for production (technical performance), financial and scheduled targets;

Ludof requires its contractors to apply CASHES standards fully compatible with its own;

Ludof will pursue full compliance with Nigeria Legislative retirements and engage in dialogue with Nigeria authorities in formulation of new standards.


Ludof’s activities shall be planned and executed in a manner that is sensitive to the need and convenience of the host communities. Therefore adopt a proactive approach to compliment the ongoing client efforts to put in place a workable community relations strategy that addresses community relations matters in the localities f our operations.