Civil Construction

With a team of world class engineers and maintenance staffs of unmatched ingenuity, Ludof Nigeria Limited majors in multidisciplinary engineering projects delivered with high level of responsiveness to clients, state of the art designs and with total compliance to Industrial standards and international best practices.

The Scope

  • Our specification include construction and maintenance of roads
  • Bridges and buildings of all types
  • Soil investigation and foundation construction
  • Bore hole drilling and distribution lines
  • Land clearing and preparation works, maintenance works etc, in the Oil and Gas Industry

Project Management

Burdened on our many years of professional experiences in engineering, equipment, man-power supply and maintenance services, Ludof Nigeria Limited undertakes the project management and consultancy services with perfection & high level of professionalism.

The Scope:

  • Project planning management and support
  • Corrosion control and prevention
  • Technician feasibility study and cost estimating
  • Procurement and expediting services
  • Design analysis and audit

Piling and Dredging

Ludof Nigeria Limited provides professional and innovative dredge services. We handle dredge projects for clients throughout Nigeria particularly in the difficult swamps of the oil rich Niger Delta areas. Our range of services include:

  • PreCase Concrete Pile
  • Bored Pile
  • Sheet Pile
  • Stock Piling
  • Steel /Pipe casing Pile
  • Channel Dredging
  • River and Lake Dredging
  • Sand Filling
  • Harbour and Marina

We also offer quayside and waterfront facility services and onshore and offshore marine logistics support services. Ludof Nigeria Limited has been involved in some of the most complex dredging projects in Nigeria. We are proud to have contributed to major reclamation projects for estates and road construction in the Niger Delta areas of Bayelsa, Rivers and Akwa Ibom states. We have worked for some of the oil majors. We have also been involved in sand filling for housing construction in different parts of the country. Most of these projects have been completed; or nearing completion while a few is on going. Our contribution has been mostly successful and remarkable. Accordingly, Ludof Nigeria Limited is now positioned to handle major dredging projects for private clients, oil companies, state and Federal governments.

Shoreline Protection

Ludof Nigeria Limited is unravelled when it comes to providing high quality and state of the art dredging, Shoreline Protection, Piling, Earth Moving and water-related construction, maintenance services.

The Scope

  • Shore line protection
  • Jetty construction
  • Jetty canalization
  • Land/swamp flow-lines construction
  • Land Reclamation
  • Stone Pitching

Mechanical Engineering

  • Structural Fabrication
  • Pipeline and flow line construction
  • Facilities Construction
  • Compressor stations modification and upgrades
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Platform maintenance and services
  • Manifolds/Headers construction and hook-up
  • Modification & maintenance of flare stacks and installation of new ones on remote ignition system.
  • Effluent management system.


  • Weld Inspection (MPI, UT, Radiographic X-ray, etc)
  • Pipeline and tanks corrosion control & containment.
  • De-rusting of corroded surfaces
  • Sand or grit blasting
  • Painting & pipe wrapping
  • Ground bed installation
  • RTD-DFT pipe scan

Survey Works

Bathymetric Surveying

Features include:

  • Sound speed integration and interpolation (with CastAway-CTD)
  • Speed over ground (acoustic bottom tracking)
  • 5-beam depth soundings (50° swath) with HydroSurveyor-M9 and HYPACK® Max
  • Water column velocity mapping
  • Automatic data gridding and interpolation
  • 360° compass and two-axis tilt sensor
  • Interface for customer-supplied GPS and/or heading sensor

Geotechnical Survey

The survey is a combination of desk-based research and thorough investigations, tailored to fit the specific needs of the project. The desk-based research draws upon our wealth of experience and expertise and is a very cost-effective way to gain an initial understanding of ground conditions. It can be used to target and minimize the often more costly intrusive works. Services provided by Technics include:

  • Desk-based assessment of a site’s history, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology
  • Geological mapping and surveys
  • Intrusive investigations including; boreholes, window sample holes, probing, trial pits
  • Monitoring of groundwater and ground gas
  • Laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical design
  • Construction support

Geophysical Survey

Our experienced team provides Geophysical Contracting and Consulting services to clients in the Energy, Geotechnical, Civil Engineering, Mineral, Archaeological and Environmental sectors. We have one of the largest equipment resources for shallow geophysical surveys in the independent private sector and continue to grow in response to new applications where innovation is required.

Our primary aims are to provide a high quality ground investigation and exploration service while promoting the wider use of geophysical science for existing and previously untested applications.

Tank Cleaning


Ludof Nigeria Limited can undertake all kinds of industrial tank cleaning, from man-entry (manual entry fuel tank cleaning) to advanced automatic tank cleaning.

From chemical tanks to water tanks, our services can be tailored to any application to keep your fuel oil, and site storage area clean and safe.

  • Vessel Tank cleaning
  • Mud Pit cleaning
  • Solids control
  • Above ground storage Tank cleaning
  • Waste Handling and Transportation
  • Waste Disposal – Incineration/Thermal Desorption Process
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Vacuum Transfer Services
  • Environmental studies
  • Environmental Remediation